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OAuth 2.0 Authentication with OTDS 10.5 Patch 6

Posted Jul 30 by Pete Oliver.
Updated Aug 11.

This article details how to configure OTDS 10.5 Patch 6 as an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server and walks through an example scenario where access to a RESTful API is authorized with the OAuth 2.0 Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant.

Last activity Jun 05 by Gaute A.
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AppWorks Developer forums are moving!

Posted Jun 28 by Karen Rudnitski.
Updated Jun 28.

The AppWorks Developer forums are moving to a new home. Starting from July 3, 2019, they will be located on the OpenText developer forum page.

Last activity Jun 28 by Karen Rudnitski.
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Updating Files related to Entity Using Webervice

Posted Apr 18 by sameer Patil.
Updated Apr 18.

Updating Files related to Entity Using Webervice

Last activity May 07 by sameer Patil.
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Process Suite is now AppWorks!

Posted May 28 by Karen Rudnitski.
Updated Jun 04.

From release 16.4, Process Suite is called AppWorks, and Process Platform is now AppWorks Platform. More articles, best practices and how to's are being added to AppWorks Developer provide reference information for AppWorks Platform.

Last activity Jun 04 by Karen Rudnitski.
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Adding a URL rewrite to AppWorks Gateway 16.x

Posted Apr 11 by Edmund Clayton.

When upgrading from AppWorks Gateway 1.2.x to 16.x, you may want your users to access your configured services via the same URL as before. This article describes how to use URL rewriting to achieve this.

Last activity May 16 by Ugis Godmanis.
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