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Updating Files related to Entity Using Webervice

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I have created an Entity model in AppWorks with File as building block. I have written a java code to create Entity. I was able to create Entity object without any issues. But I am not able to associate file to an Entity in Java code. I can see File.xsd created .But I was not able to map it to any Create or Update methods. Any help would be appreciated.

I get following error trying to update File
“The property 'File.StorageTicket' was denied update because it is a read-only property.

Here is sample SOAP request

<CreateTest xmlns="http://schemas/MyCompanyMigration/Test/operations">
  <ns0:Test-create xmlns:ns0="http://schemas/MyCompanyMigration/Test">


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I am able to use fiddler and trace API used by ProcessExperience. I am using http://ServerName/home/OrganizationName/app/entityRestService/Items

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