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From release 16.4, Process Suite is called AppWorks, and Process Platform is now AppWorks Platform. More articles, best practices and how to's are being added to AppWorks Developer provide reference information for AppWorks Platform.

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Process Suite is rebranded to AppWorks with the release of 16.4 in order to bring enterprise application development under one solution name. As a result, Process Platform is also rebranded to AppWorks Platform.

OpenText AppWorks

AppWorks was originally launched for building cross-platform enterprise applications. These apps can be developed from a single code-base for both desktop and mobile screens, and then deployed and managed using a centralized administration tool called AppWorks Gateway. Integral to this concept is the ability to support hybrid applications, or applications built with standard web technologies, then wrapped to behave like a native application.

Process Suite was created to enable enterprises to deliver advanced digital experiences with intelligently automated, content-rich, and connected processes that can be easily built, modified, and deployed with Process Platform. Integral to this concept is the ability to build and modify custom process-driven and info-driven applications faster than ever before.

While Process Platform serves as the foundation of Process Suite, Process Suite also included additional add-ons, components, and applications that extend the capabilities of the solution to allow rapid application development where business process automation is needed.

By bringing the AppWorks Gateway, APIs, Mobile Development and this Developer community under the same umbrella as Process Automation, Low-Code Development, Case Management, and Analytics capabilities, OpenText offers a comprehensive and powerful solution to deliver a variety of innovative digital experiences with lower IT and development costs. All of these components are now all included under the AppWorks name.

There are some practical implications as a result:

  • The AppWorks Platform category has an expanded definition to include what has previously been called Process Platform
  • Additional reference articles, how to's, and best practices are being added to support low-code development, application lifecycle management with Process Platform, and other topics relating to Process Suite and Process Platform
  • Many of these articles will refer to 'AppWorks Platform (Process Platform)' to help with the transition to the new name - To access product documentation for Process Suite (AppWorks) and Process Platform (AppWorks Platform), refer to OpenText My Support.

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